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High quality audio-stream hosting from the U-Rock Radio Network that will connect your studio to all of your listeners with our in-house data servers. We have done the work of setting up a high quality Debian Linux host that has a fiber-optic network connection. Plenty of bandwidth and U.S-based experienced techs.

Shoutcast D.N.A.S

Complete package includes SHOUTCAST SERVER HOSTING and CENTOVA CAST control panel login management.

Package Details:

  • Listeners: 100
  • Control Panel: Centova Cast
  • Bit-rate: 128 KBPS
  • Auto DJ: Not Included
  • Operating System: Debian Linux V8.6
  • Data-center Location: PA, United States
  • Customer Services: 100% U.S based
  • SHOUTCAST D.N.A.S Version: 2.0


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WPHL-DB Urock Philadelphia 128 KBPS audio stream:

  • CENTOVA-CAST radio station control panel. Includes network usage, currently playing, recently played, disk use, and more. Click image to enlarge.

  • CENTOVA-CAST web-based listener stats. Click image to enlarge.

  • SHOUTCAST D.N.A.S Server. Click image to enlarge.


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