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D.N.A.S Hosting

High quality Shoutcast audio-stream hosting from the U-Rock Radio Network that will connect your studio or media library to all of your listeners with our in-house data servers. We have done the work of setting up a high quality Debian Linux host that has a fiber-optic network connection. Plenty of bandwidth and U.S-based experienced techs – over 10 years of experience combined.

Shoutcast D.N.A.S

Complete package includes SHOUTCAST SERVER HOSTING and CENTOVA CAST control panel login management. In addition, our team has years of combined experience in the Internet radio broadcasting process – both on a technical side and business side – that others simply cannot offer.

Package Details:

  • Listeners: 10
  • Control Panel: Centova Cast
  • Bit-rate: 128 KBPS
  • Auto DJ: Not Included
  • Operating System: Debian Linux V8.6
  • Data-center Location: PA, United States
  • Customer Services: 100% U.S based
  • SHOUTCAST D.N.A.S Version: 2.0


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WPHL-DB Urock Philadelphia 128 KBPS audio stream:

  • CENTOVA-CAST radio station control panel. Includes network usage, currently playing, recently played, disk use, and more. Click image to enlarge.

  • CENTOVA-CAST web-based listener stats. Click image to enlarge.

  • SHOUTCAST D.N.A.S Server. Click image to enlarge.


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