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★ 1-5 users, 10 labels

✓ Multiple websites on your domain

★ Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube

✓ iTunes, Spotify, Beatport, and more…

★ Mailing list (10,000 recipients)

✓ Unlimited deliveries and labels

★ Upload to your distributor†

✓ View features

BUSINESS includes:

✓ Essential features + features from pro
★ Import your catalog
✓ Unlimited posting
★ Mailing list

✓ WordPress/Blogger posting
★ LabelGrid dropbox page
✓ Digital onesheets (landing pages)
★ 320/Clip/Video generator
✓ Promo zip generator
★ Advanced sub-genres
✓ Unlimited sharing
★ Shop Url tracking
✓ ISRC generator
★ UPC/EAN generator
✓ Daily Sales Reports†
★ BBCode/HTML5 Generator
✓ Artist profile manager
★ LabelGrid Dropbox page
✓ Unlimited posting
★ Self-branded Dropbox page
✓ Forum posting
★ Direct sales module
✓ FTP access to your files
★ Podcast hosting (beta)
✓ Digital contract management (beta)
★ Artist expense tracking (beta)
✓ Custom FTP destinations…

Additional features:
★ Multi-label logins
✓ Premium bandwidth
★ Advanced hosting
✓ Workflow tracker (beta),
★ Option to hide JP logo
✓ Blog hosting (beta), and more…


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