The U-Rock Network™ “Brand Awareness” promotion brings attention to your Brand and will give your business a boost in recognition with the younger crowd. Our Brand Awareness Campaign builds your Brand’s Awareness with the 28-55 year old demographic audience. We are reaching 60% Male/40% Females who are mobile and are active music consumers into vinyl collecting and new music discovery.

The Brand Awareness package delivers (:10 sec) Audio Ads throughout the daily playlist plus (:05 sec) Audio Mentions on Intros and Outro. In addition to the audio ads, we give your banner ads a link to a website of your choosing.

Your banner ads run on our system of local affiliates. The U-Rock Network™ supplies a customized landing page to provide unique experiences for your potential customers, you can offer special coupons or deals to get your message out. Great for giveaways.

Creatives Required include:
– 1050 x 400 and 1012 x 300 for Landing Page
– 1/2 Page (5.0” x 3.9”) Color Ad in the digital
U-Rock Program Guide publication.
– 300x300px Block Ad with for Links
– Bio and Business Message or Mission Statement
– Custom Graphics for print and web formats.


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